Rescuers given gift of life-saving machine





Support group help kit out team’s vehicle

Mountain rescue volunteers have been kitted out with extra life=saving equipment thanks a generous donation from a heart support group. The Bolton ICD Support Group donated a defibrillator to the Bolton Mountain Rescue team for it’s new Incident Control Vehicle.

The defibrillator – the fifth addition to their fleet of vehicles – was presented to rescue volunteers at their base in Ladybridge Hall Base in the North West Ambulance Service Headquarters.

Tracey Wilkinson Fundraising Manager for Bolton ICD Support Group, said: “We heard that Bolton Mountain Rescue has recently bought a new team vehicle, but it didn’t have a defibrillator. Like us, they’ve made up of volunteers so we really wanted to donate some equipment for them. They do a brilliant job and everyone we spoke to is full of praise for them too.”


Garry Rhodes of Bolton Mountain Rescue, said: “It was marvellous to receive such a donation. We’re now well on the way to having on in all six vehicles. It’s definitely the quickest we have been told about a donation and received it. We’re really grateful to Tracey and everyone at the Bolton ICD Support Group. We have never had to use a defibrillator on a job ourselves but we have arrived on jobs where the ambulance service are already using them. It’s good to know we have the extra equipment”

The Bolton ICD Support Group was initially set up to support patients fitted with implantable cardiac defibrillators but also fundraisers and donates automated external defibrillator to schools and community groups. It had given out six defibrillators worth about £800 each since December.

Mrs Wilkinson who works as a traffic collision investigator, said; “We were hoping to raise enough to give out five this year but we’ve already exceeded that. We’re really pleased with how we’re doing so far.”



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